Founded in 2004, the research group is registered in the CNPq DataBase and works associated with the Department and the Graduate Program inn Sociology at UFSCar (Universidade Federal de São Carlos, State of São Paulo, Brazil).
It has organized events like Sexualities, Knowledges and Rights (2010), Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Cinema (2006 and 2007), Seminar Cultural Studies Today (2006), Conference on Body, Identities and Subjectivities ( 2005) and also helped to promote the Seminar Foucault’s Legacy at UNESP (2004).
Between 2008 and 2010, the group organized and offered the Course Gender and Diversity at School (GDS) via web for more than one thousand students in Brazil.  GDS was sponsored by the Brazilian Federal Education Agency. Among its achievements we underline the creation of new educational material to deal with differences, the book “Marcas da Diferença no Ensino Escolar”.

The Research Group has developed different activities dealing with Human Rights, a dialogue with social movements and the government. Among those inniciatives we underline the work with the State Justice Secretary to propose to FAPESP (The State of São Paulo Research Foundation) the creation of a specific research line on sexual diversity.