Processos de profissionalização contemporâneos

Docente: Maria da Glória Bonelli

Ano: 2002

Estuda os processos de profissionalização em curso, bem como os retrocessos da trajetória profissional, como a burocratização e a desprofissionalização de ocupações de nível superior.

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enforcement to prevent head injuries, and (with the sharp point of a lawsuit aimed at them) will soon start directing medical care and funds the way of retired players. But a lot of the sports cliches that originated in the bad old days are still with us, "shaken up on the play" being the worst offender of them.What makes this so troubling is the history of the game itself, in particular the longstanding, well known practice of NFL teams to make players play through injuries. This is where the language of "shaken up" and "got dinged" originated, in reports teams gave to media to soften the impact of what happened.Matthew Stockman/Getty Images Sport"Yeah, there’s a watermelon size hole in his torso, which we’ve tentatively diagnosed as a "tickler," but he’s a warrior, and we expect him back in a couple plays."You see, being "shaken up" sounds a lot less scary than "brain injury" or "his arm’s off." The audience

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