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Conference on Inductive Statistics.

September, 1st – 3rd, 2011
UFSCar, São Carlos, SP

The objective of this event is to disseminate to the statistical community and its contributors the activities of researchers, academics and professionals who make from the inductive statistical tools a instrument of work.

It is widely recognized by the general scientific community the importance of using statistical methods in the development of their research. In this conference, we emphasize the applied statistical methods, as well as their foundations. We will discuss statistical foundations and their proper application in practical problems.

Interest in foundations of inductive Statistics has been growing together with the increasing availability of Bayesian methodological alternatives. Scientists need to deal with the even more difficult choice of the optimal method to be applied to their problem. The examination and discussion on foundations prevent the mere ad–hoc application of Bayesian methods by the scientific community. Our seminar will gather scholars from many different fields who use Bayesian inference.

In this meeting we will honor Professor Carlos Alberto Bragança Pereira. Carlinhos, as he is known, devoted much of his career to the study of inductive methods and always advocated the proper use of statistical techniques. He always gave importance to the correct use of statistical techniques based on the statistical foundations. He is a "founding father" of the Statistics Department of the IME-USP (one of the oldest in Brazil) and has contributed in many fields, as well as supervised the Bayesian training of many graduate students.

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