UFSCar is a national and international reference in Strictu Sensu Graduate courses, covering different areas of knowledge. The University offers Master's degrees, Professional master's and Doctorate.

The Graduate Pro-Rectory (ProPG) is the administrative sector of the Rectory of UFSCar that plans, coordinates and monitors the academic activities in strictu sensu graduate studies, to accomplish with regulatory standards, in line with the Graduate Studies Council (CoPG).

Check out the list of Graduate Programs, distributed by Academic Centers, offered by UFSCar and contact email for more information.

Strictu Sensu Graduate Programs

CCA – Agrarian Sciences Center (ARARAS Campus)

Agriculture and Environment Master's
Agroecology and Rural Development Master's
Vegetal Production and Associated Bioprocess Master's


ProPG - Graduate Pro-Rectory (SÃO CARLOS Campus)

Management of Public System and Organization Professional Master's


CCBS – Biological and Health Sciences Center (SÃO CARLOS Campus)

Environment Sciences Master's/Doctorate
Physiological Sciences Master's/ Doctorate
Fauna Conservation Professional Master's
Ecology and Natural Resources Master's/Doctorate
Nursing Master's/Doctorate
Physiotherapy Master's/Doctorate
Evolutionary Genetics and Molecular Biology Master's/Doctorate
Clinical Management Professional Master's
Occupational Therapy Master's/Doctorate


CCET – Exact and Technology Sciences Center (SÃO CARLOS Campus)

Biotechnology Master's/ Doctorate
Computer Science Master's/ Doctorate
Materials Sciences and Engineering Master's/ Doctorate
Production Engineering Master's/ Doctorate
Chemical Engineering Master's/ Doctorate
Urban Engineering Master's/ Doctorate
Exact Sciences Teaching Master's/ Doctorate
Statistics Master's/ Doctorate
Statistics - UFSCAR/USP* Master's/ Doctorate
Structures and Civil Construction Master's/ Doctorate
Physics Master's/ Doctorate
Mathematics Master's/ Doctorate
Matematics in National Netwok PROFMAT Professional Master's
Chemistry Master's/ Doctorate
Chemistry Professional Master's


CECH – Education and Human Sciences Center (SÃO CARLOS Campus)

Social Antropology Master's/ Doctorate
Information Sciences Master's
Political Sciences Master's/ Doctorate
Science, Technology and Society Master's/ Doctorate
Education Master's/ Doctorate
Special Education Master's/ Doctorate
Literature Studies Master's
Philosophy Master's/ Doctorate
Image and Sound Master's
Linguistics Master's/ Doctorate
Professional in Education Professional Master's
Psychology Master's/ Doctorate
Sociology Master's/ Doctorate


CCGT – Management and Technology Sciences Center (SOROCABA Campus)

Computer Science Master's
Economy Master's
Production Engineering Master's


CCTS – Sciences and Technologies for Sustainability Center (SOROCABA Campus)

Biotechnology and Environmental Monitoring Master's/ Doctorate
Material Sciences Master's
Physics Teaching - PROFIS Professional Master's
Planning and Use of Renewable Resources Master's/ Doctorate
Sustainability in Environment Management Professional Master's