The foreign students who want to study in one of the undergraduate courses offered by UFSCar has the following options:

Regular admissions

Any foreign student can apply to vacancies offered by UFSCar in undergraduate courses through selection made by the High School National Exam in Brazil (Enem). The registration period for Enem is determined by the brazilian Ministry of Education and generally the registration is open in the beginning of May. Through the participation at Enem, the foreign student can make his application for a place at UFSCar through the Unified Selection System (SiSU) - in the beginning of January - and track calls posted on the site UFSCar.

For more information, access Coordinator of Undergraduate Admissions website: www.ingresso.ufscar.br. Other informations can be obtained by the phone: +55 (16) 3351-8152 or by e-mail: ingresso@ufscar.br.


The Program for Partner Undergraduate Students (PEC-G)

Admissions are also possible for foreign students whose profile meets the requirements of The Program for Partner Undergraduate Students (PEC-G), from Brazilian federal government. The Program offers undergraduate training opportunities for citizens from developing countries with which Brazil maintains an Educational and Cultural Cooperation Agreement.

The candidate is a special student; must be between 18 and, preferably, up to 23 years old, with High School diploma, selected diplomatically in his country by the PEC-G Protocol mechanisms and its guiding principles. As a participant of PEC-G, the student must meet the goals and targets set by the Program.

More information is available at Undergraduate Pro-Rectory website.


Academic mobility

In the undergraduate level, UFSCar receives students through cooperation agreements with foreign higher education institutions and, also, through specific programs such as SCALA Program of Undergraduated Students of the Association of Universities Montevideo Group (AUGM) and Exchange Student Program Brazil-Colombia (BRACOL), the Association of Brazilian Universities Coimbra Group (GCUB), both existing because of UFSCar being an active member of these associations.

Each cooperation agreement and program follow rules and answer specific profiles. The edicts of the existing agreements are available on the SRInter website, in www.srinter.ufscar.br.


Refugees admissions

The selection for refugees (to attend college at UFSCar) is done currently through selection made by the High School National Exam in Brazil (Enem). In order to participate, it is required to prove, by certificates issued by the National Committee for Refugees (Conare), refugee status in Brazil. Registrations are open annually in May, through a public edict from the Undergraduate Pro-Rectory. The required documentation for registration should be sent to UFSCar through the Post Office, until the last day of August.

For more information, access Coordinator of Undergraduate Admissions website: www.ingresso.ufscar.br. Other informations can be obtained by the phone: +55 (16) 3351-8152 or by e-mail: ingresso@ufscar.br.


International Relations Office

The International Relations Office (SRInter) is responsible for supporting the sectors of UFSCar to intensify its presence in the international academic environment. Therefore, encourages and manages the exchanging programs of undergraduated and graduated studentes and faculty, assists in the coming of visiting researchers and attends units and teachers in the development of international cooperation agreements (monitoring, mediation, coordination and management of cooperation and institutional agreements between UFSCar and foreign institutions).

Besides, it assists and supports undergraduate and graduate students (Brazilian and foreign) along the student academic mobility process.

The Office also works in the participation of higher education internationalization events, lectures, symposiums and seminars about topics and international opportunities, and performs contacts with foreign universities.

Another function is to provide monitoring, assistance and support to missions and visits of foreign institutional representatives to UFSCar, as well as representatives of UFSCar to foreign institutions.

SRInter also participates in multilateral projects and programs of international cooperation and in international universities meetings, promoting UFSCar in the international scenery of higher education and of academic and scientific research, prospecting student and teacher exchange opportunities and joint research development opportunities, technologies and innovation.

The services offered by SRInter are:

  • Provide/disseminate mobility opportunities with or without financial aid, through public edicts or programs as well as international events for the community UFSCar;
  • Provide orientation to Brazilian and foreign students about the procedures to be followed for applications, documents to be presented in different mobilities, obtainment of consular visas, documentation to be submitted for the purpose of recognition of courses, information about the cities and their respective campuses, indications of housing, services offered on campuses etc.;
  • Provide orientation and advice to the teaching community in the execution, amendment and renewal of academic cooperation agreements with foreign and international scientific institutions of Higher Education and Research;
  • Organize events and/or contribute to the organization of events, especially institutional, involving foreign institutions of Higher Education and Research;
  • Provide support/organize the reception of missions, delegations, international visits to UFSCar and UFSCar missions abroad and support to Pro-Rectors of Research and Graduate by invitation of embassies and associations for international visits and diplomatic activities (teachers and leaders/managers).
  • SRInter is responsible for the actions under his direction in the four campuses of the University. The Office is opened from Monday to Friday, from 9 to 12 hours and from 14 to 18 hours, and is located in the Rectory Building, in the southern area of São Carlos Campus of UFSCar.



Website: www.srinter.ufscar.br
Phone: +55 (16) 3351-8402